Design Story



In a time long ago, amidst the epic saga of the Mahabharata, there lived a valiant prince named Arjuna. He was renowned throughout the land for his exceptional archery skills and his unwavering devotion to Lord Krishna.

One day, Arjuna sought solitude atop a sacred hill to engage in deep penance. As he immersed himself in meditation, a most wondrous and bewildering sight befell him. The air seemed to shimmer with mystic energy, and there, before his very eyes, materialized a creature unlike any he had ever seen.

This creature was none other than Navagunjara, a magnificent and enigmatic being. Navagunjara was a divine amalgamation, a splendid tapestry woven from the forms of nine different animals, all embodied within one majestic entity.

The head of Navagunjara bore the proud visage of a rooster, its eyes gleaming with wisdom. Its sturdy frame rested upon three sturdy feet: the front leg of an elephant, the back leg of a tiger, and the nimble hoof of a deer or horse. An elevated human arm extended from its body, gently carrying either a lotus flower or a radiant wheel. Its neck was adorned with the resplendent feathers of a peacock, while its hump resembled that of a mighty bull. The waist of Navagunjara was graced with the strength of a lion, and its sinuous tail curled like a serpent in the breeze.

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