Design Story


Mrignayani ( Two Deer )

In the heartland of Madhya Pradesh, where the ancient whispers of the forests echoed through time, there existed a mystical tribe known as the Gond. The very name of their tribe, Gond, meant "the mountains," a testament to their deep connection with the rugged landscapes that surrounded them.

The Gond people were gifted artists, and their creations were a vibrant tapestry of the natural world that enveloped their lives. Their art, known as Gond art, was a tribal masterpiece that spoke of the mountains, the rivers, and the creatures that dwelled in their midst.

With each brushstroke, it channeled the essence of the forest, the mountains, and the rivers into art. The abstract shapes painted seemed to dance with life, and the colors she chose pulsed with the vibrancy of the wild.

The legacy of the Gond people, the mountain tribe, and their enchanting art continued to flourish. It served as a reminder that within the strokes of a brush and the swirls of colors, the magic of nature could be captured and shared, nurturing both the land and the spirits of those who beheld its beauty.

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